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Quality Projects

Modern quality management requires project management tools that incorporate not only classical planning techniques like network plans but also effective means for (corrective) action management and tracking. Although Microsoft Project has gained leadership in this area it is not sufficient as standalone software when it comes to perform quality projects because it does not rely on a database. iQ-PROJEKTE makes use of the most important features of MS Project and additionally provides a centric place for a planned and application-wide handling of quality actions from their creation via their tracking to their closing.


The module iQ-PROJEKTE aims at two targets: first planning and managing quality projects, and second providing an integrated mechanism for an application-wide controlling and monitoring of actions of any kind.

In iQ-BASIS quality projects are defined as arbitrarily deep levelled structures consisting of various different objects, such as open or closed projects, open or closed actions, documents, audits, FMEAs, quality messages, check lists, etc. This for example fulfils all requirements needed for quality projects in the area of APQP.

Project planning itself supports the use of Microsoft Project to plan elements like sub projects (tasks), resources, or efforts. By leveraging the talents of both tools iQ-PROJEKTE provides a precise impression of costs and dates at any time.

iQ-PROJEKTE is also a centralized container for actions from all other iQ-BASIS modules. While the entry point for creating an action is often placed in other modules such as iQ-AUDIT, the monitoring and the central processing take place here.

Important Features at a Glance





General and basic data



Monitoring / tracking

Action templates

Interfaces to Other iQ-BASIS Modules