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Quality Control Station


With the quality control station a monitoring concept is realized with that the inspection efforts can be reduced although the amount of data is growing. The target of the quality control station is to focus on the causing process.

In the series production an increasing number of automatic exercisers with 100% inspections are installed. There are several reasons for the replacement of the previous statistical methods:

Several modules are connected with iQ-QLEIT:

Inspection planning

When creating an attributive or variable characteristic it is not only possible to define specifications and SPC guidelines but also guidelines for process observation.

Q control centre (Ereignis bearbeiten)

There can be several possible breaches monitored for each characteristic; in the mask: Reactions at breaches of:

It is possible to enter several reactions depending on their importance simultaneously (see product description iQ-FEP).
These precautions are made in the inspection planning for pure processes (temperature monitoring in a solder-ing bath, constant quality data monitoring of pressure-die casting processes and so on) and/or also for prod-ucts (error pattern to incircuit testers, defective goods of pressuredie casting parts).

The Quality Control Station

In the Control Station all problems are handled:

Every responsible person has a limited sight at the events.

He writes his limitations into the selection mask, to contain the events that should be schown in the Control Station:


The overview shows the selected events:

Handle an event

All information that at appearance of an event are being compiled automatically, can also be entered manually (upper part of the mask). If the problem can be solved you can describe the cause briefly.

A disposition to the faulty produced components is being made (causing cost center and machine, error cause-code and brief description).

Have further actions to be made by special persons (maintenance, tool construction, logistics etc.) the appropriate measures are now being applied (measure-tracing).

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