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Information Technology

The better part of future-oriented misinvestments results from decisions in the IT area. A CAQ system that has been developed for a special database management or operating system can work efficiently but if the data processing environment is outdated you can't sale it. The only safe decision is the complete independence of our CAQ system iQ-BASIS from operating and database management systems.

The base of iQ-BASIS V2 is the development platform Uniface. Uniface has taken a leading position in the field of large scale industry, banks, insurances etc.

Because of the use of Uniface iQ-BASIS can be installed on all popular hardware platforms, operating and database management systems. Examples of the technological variety of supported data processing systems (possible in different combinations) are:

Operating systems DBMS Communication
MS-Windows 10 MS-SQL-Server COM
MS-Windows 8 DB/2 OS400 Java
MS-Windows Server 2022 DB/2 WEB-Interface
MS-Windows Server 2019 MySQL Enterprise WEB-Services
MS-Windows Server 2016 Informix Apache Tomcat
MS-Windows Server 2012 PostgreSQL IBM WebSphere
IBM i-series SQLite  
IBM RS/6000 Azure SQL  
Sun SPARC Sequential  
SUSE Linux    
Red Hat Linux    

We even develop products for operating systems that yet do not exist. If you change your platform every six to eight years, you do not have to start again due to our CAQ system.