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Initial Sampling Inspection Autarkic

PPAP, PPF and Initial Sampling Inspection (EMP) are procedures mandatory for suppliers. Conformance with regard to material, form and function must be proven before starting serial inspections. The most extensive of these procedures is the initial sampling inspection report that compares and documents the measuring values for the initial sample against the specifications.

To provide an initial sampling inspection report a communication needs to be established between customer and supplier. AHP has developed a software component that focuses on optimizing this communication by creating the easiest process for the supplier from receiving the measuring task to capturing the measuring results.


The supplier gets the measuring software iQ-EMP/AUTARK from the customer for performing the measuring tasks. A measuring task file can be provided to the supplier by uploading it into the CAQ-PORTAL or by sending it using an email. The measuring results will be stored into the file and then be sent back either using the portal or email.

Important Features at a Glance

The way to the supplier

The supplier's tool

The inspection

Clicking the Initial sampling inspection tab displays the inspection environment.

Connecting measuring devices

Generating documents

The way back

Interfaces to Other Modules

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