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Laboratory Information System

In the past the classical materials inspection with its main topics mechanical inspections, surface inspections (using optical or scanning electron microscopes), and chemical analysis of material composites was more or less neglected by software development companies. Therefore AHP has picked up the subject and developed iQ-LIMS - a solution that is targeted especially to the requirements of a typical materials laboratory.

iQ-LIMS completely fulfills any relevant requirements arising from DIN/ISO 17025 for test laboratories and offers significant saving potentials resulting from avoiding time-consuming manual procedures.


iQ-LIMS covers the complete laboratory inspection process beginning with entry of an order by a customer over the inspection itself to the presentation of the inspection results. This includes a detailed cost accounting, a comprehensive date management, and an almost automatic reporting. The laboratory order is received via Internet or Intranet, in case of internal orders directly over iQ-LIMS or in the classical way of verbal and written communication and manual entry on side of the laboratory. Reports for example provide an overview of door-to-door times or costs. The usage of iQ-LIMS is not limited to one single laboratory but suited for multiple laboratories within a plant that offer their own service portfolio because of different laboratory equipment.

The process begins with receiving the laboratory order. The order already contains the required services and inspections as well as the target dates proposed by the ordering party. Required samples are either sent along with the order or in parallel and received by laboratory personnel. Before the order is processed it is validated regarding completeness and feasibility (samples received, dates realistic, etc.) If the requirements are met the inspections are prepared. During this phase grindings are created and it is documented which materials have been used and where the grindings can be found. Also, the upcoming tasks are automatically queued in the to-do lists of the intended work places. The inspection itself is performed using the established iQ-FEP module (inspection during production) of iQ-BASIS that leads the inspector into the inspection by doing a mouse click. The inspection can refer to attributive or variable characteristics that often require controlling measuring devices and automatic receiving of measuring values. For attributive characteristics it is possible to assign a failure code. Any results can be documented by the inspector by adding photos and documents. After finishing inspections the ordering party needs to be informed about the results. For this purpose the software provides a short report that is created automatically without any manual action, or an extensive report that is generated automatically but needs to be completed manually to meet the needs of the ordering party and also contain analysis results. Sending the report can also be done automatically by email while an alternative way is an optional download from the Internet or Intranet.

Important Features at a Glance

General features

Service portfolio

The laboratory order

Important information stored in the laboratory order

Dates (and other details)

Details of grinding and tempering

The inspections


Interfaces to Other Modules

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