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Software Care - Progress guaranteed

By subscribing the software care contract you ensure a continuous progress in quality assurance. Approximately every two years you get a new version of our software. You may then decide to install this version by yourself or you instruct us to do it for you as a part of the Online Remote SupportsIn the time between both version roll-outs we provide you with releases that contain any new features of the current version.

You are invited to be actively involved in the development of the software standard. Any customer suggestion - independently of the module - is recorded and examined closely. If we decide to follow your suggestion we will analyze the extent and the generality of the new feature and depending on the result deliver it with the next release or in case of larger developments with the next version.

The costs for subscribing the software care contract are 12% of the total license price per year to pay at the beginning of the year and with a partial fee for the first year.