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Document Management System

Controlling and managing quality related documents have a crucial role in the field of quality management. One part of these documents directly belong to quality objects or processes and is needed for documentation later such as a calibration certificate of a gauge and the other part consists of documents that are required for quality assurance in general such as the quality manual or process instructions. Both kinds of documents have own requirements for document management that are met by the iQ-DOKU module.


Accompanying documents that belong to specific quality objects or processes (so called organizational elements) are stored directly with their organizational elements in the corresponding iQ-BASIS modules and can be found easily that way. A separate module for accessing them is not necessary. The software supports the automatic generation of those documents based on document templates, their distribution via mail and in PDF format as well as their physical storage in the file system or in a database. Furthermore a simple change management allows creating new document revisions for each of the documents.

However, since iQ-BASIS version 2.3 the iQ-DOKU module also supports management of documents that need to undergo an inspection and release process. This could be single documents such as process or working instructions or collections of documents (organized in folders) such as the documents representing a quality manual. Documents of that kind are taken over into the system by users specifically designated to be responsible for document management and then passed to a group of persons for editing. This step is done in a very controlled way using a check out/check in mechanism. If the editors consider the document to be finished they pass it on to the next group of persons, the inspectors. In case of a positive inspection a release phase follows that is again conducted by specific persons. Afterwards the document is available to its target group (readers) e.g. for download. Documents are distributed in PDF format and always stored in the iQ-BASIS database to ensure the exclusive access using the application.

Important Features at a Glance

Accompanying documents

Managed documents


User interface

Admission process

Editing process

Inspection process

Release process

Documents that are released without inspection


Singling out


Interfaces to Other Modules

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