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Interfaces to ERP Systems

The modul iQ-INTERFACE consists of a variety of interfaces between iQ-Basis and usually higher-level ERP and material management systems. The data transfer is handled using standard communication systems.

The individual interface tables include almost all fields of iQ-Basis, which are relevant for a data exchange. If on the other hand some fields are not known in the program on the higher level it will result in functional restrictions of iQ-Basis.

Since most ERP systems are not familiar with quality assurance from an IT perspective, the availability of important quality information is limited. So iQ-Basis has to work self-sustaining from ERP systems. The most economical way of integration is to get the information independently by reading directly from the tables of the ERP. We are able to do this because we have the means to handle several databases on different hardware platforms simultaniously.


Supported ERP Systems

The Transfer Monitor


Overview of the Most Important Interface Data


Inspections plan:

Using these interface formats inspection plans can be generated automatically


plant organization

plant maintenance

SAP R/3 tables

Varios iQ-Basis modules are working together with SAP R/3 QMS R3

SAP R/3 data transfer

automotive supplements

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