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Gauge calibration plans (VDI/VDE/DGQ)

The efforts for maintaining master data is one aspect of the introduction of computer-based software that is often neglected. How big this efforts are becomes evident not before the required tasks have been finished. At the end it is realized that the costs have been very high in relation to the actual investment in the software product itself. This is espcially true for the planning of gauge calibration. iQ-PMPL (Gauge Inspection Plans) frees you from the burden of creating standard-conform plans for many of the standard measuring and test equipment.

The following table contains the range of inspection plans of directive 2618. These inspection plans require no further planning. You can start the calibration immediately after selecting the corresponding gauge or gauge type without any preparation.

Sheet VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 Directive
3.1 Gauge blocks
4.1 Cylindrical domes, mandril gauges and gauging rings
4.2 Test prods/test prods for screw threads
4.4 Adjusting dimension for outside micrometers with co-planar or spherical measuring surfaces and depth gauges
4.5 Setting standards for thread micrometers
4.6 Testing cylinders and test pins
4.7 Gap gauges
4.8 Cylindrical screw thread readout gauge, screw thread mandril gauges and screw thread test pins
4.9 Cylindrical screw thread setting rin gauges and screw thread gauging rings
4.12 Conic etalon and taper gauges
5.1 Flat rulers
5.2 Straightedge
6.1 Coplanar inspection windows
6.2 Test plates
7.1 90 degrees angle brackets
7.2 Protractors
9.1 Calliper gauge for outer, inner and depth measuring
9.2 Depth gauges
9.3 Height gauges
10.1 Micrometer gauges
10.2 Micrometer gauges with interchangeable measuring inserts for screw thread measuring and other inspection assignments
10.3 Dial comparator micrometer gauge
10.4 Built-in micrometer gauges
10.5 Depth gauges
10.6 Height gauges
10.7 Internal measuring gauges with two point tangency
10.8 Internal measuring gauges with three line tangency
11.1 Dial indicators
11.2 Mechanical dial comparators
11.3 Dial test indicators (lever-type)
11.4 Dial test indicators (lever-type)
12.1 Lever-type gauges (quick indicator) for external gauging
13.1 Lever-type gauges (quick indicator) for internal gauging
13.2 Internal measuring gauge with two point tangency
14.1 Inspection requirements for electronical length measuring gauges consisting of inductive calliper and measuring tool
16.1 Vertical length measuring tools
17.1 Horizontal length measuring tools
19.1 Special gauges and testing devices
Those regulations marked yellow will also be available after their final release.

The concluded inspection plans of the VDI/VDE/DGQ-regulations can of course be copied and adjusted to your own requirements (e.g. in order to reduce the inspection range). You can also adjust the tolerances to your plant-specific demands.


Due to the gauge details (e.g. screw limit plug gauge M10x1,5-6H) all attributes are generated automatically with the correct set points and dimensions according to DIN charts. During inspection you are presented with the correct wire or spherical diameter.

Furthermore there is a variety of more gauges for which no standardized inspection directives are available. The following chart shows all those gauges for which all arrangements have been made, also without any planning, in order to start calibration immediately. Tolerances can be indicated through an easy chart system.

Inspection plans for other gauges Inspection plans for other gauges
Torques Electronical counters
Pressure, tension and force Digital multimeter
Test plates Oscilloscopes
Form calipers Precision balance
Taper gauge Tread projector
Screw thread revolving jaw type gauges Digital caliper Heidenhain, Sylvac
Screw thread gap gauge - master gauges Length measuring dev. (counter) Heidenhain, Sylvac
Base tangent length comb (analogue) Digital dial indicator
Base tangent length micrometer gauges (analogue) elec. Dial comparator (mech.) SKW 0,01mm
elec. Dial comparator (mech.) SKW 0,001 mm

Example of a dial indicator calibration: