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Customer Projects

The economical and organisational structures of your plants are inevitably sophisticated in daily practice. To orient your organisation towards a software product is usually rather inefficient.

We developed iQ-Basis right from the start for easy integration of user-specific enhancements. We methodically prefer the RAD procedure (Rapid Application Development) for our projects.

The end user is incorporated in the design phase from the beginning. So acceptance problems can be excluded. Another effect is that we also reach a realtime adaption of the usual change and enhancement requests from the departments related to the developmental progress.

By the use of our internal procedures for your projects you achieve huge economical advantages.

Customer Autonomy

We support your natural request for independence by giving you the opportunity to customize iQ-Basis. This applies at first for evaluations. Extensive investments in iQ-Basis have been necessary to offer you the possibility to design your own evaluations with popular report generators (e.g. Crystal Reports from Business Objects).

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