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The Receiving Inspection

iQ-Basis contains several modules to guarantee a high degree of quality for supplier deliveries. They focus on different objectives and quality strategies.
The module iQ-WEP(Wareneingangsprüfung, receiving inspection) fulfils the classical requirements with respect to the receiving inspection, which is mainly based on statistical methods.

Main Characters of Inspection Planning

If you have suppliers with ppm and zero-defect-contracts, you should prefer the module iQ-EWEP (Ereignisgesteuerte Wareneingangsprüfung; event controlled receiving inspection). Then the quality has to be (and will be) very high, statistical methods do not apply here. This module has especially been developed to cover these requirements.

Generating Inspection Orders

Changing the Inspection Order

Decision of use

Control of Inspection Orders


Use Decision

Several other functions concerning the receiving inspection are described in the flyer of the module iQ-PAUF.

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