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10 Demonstrative Reasons for iQ-Basis

iQ-Basis in the world of AS/400

considering as example the PPS system INFOR AS

  1. The CAQ system iQ-Basis has been developed with the development tool Uniface. Uniface is able to access all standard database management systems with standard servers, this means also AS/400.

  2. If the iQ-Basis database is installed on AS/400 there is no independent CAQ server necessary, e.g. UNIX with Oracle or Microsoft Windows with SQL server (this is of course also possible with iQ-Basis). Thereby less costs arise for the purchase and maintenance of an additional DBMS server (maintenance and support costs are about 12.000 EUR per year).

  3. iQ-Basis is able to access the table of your PPS system directly, e.g. by INFOR AS on the material masters, business partners, arrivals, production orders and so on. This means: Interface developments of the PPS producer are not necessary. First of all there will not emerge any costs for the purchase of interface programs from PPS producers (this is essential for a competitive CAQ system).

  4. iQ-Basis updates the data without any assistance of the PPS system.

  5. For example iQ-Basis uses the INFOR AS monitors on AS/400 for the return of information to the INFOR AS system.

  6. We already realized several versions for the interaction of material management and the material requirements planning.

  7. iQ-Basis also contains an efficient maintenance system from the replacement part stockage to the state-oriented maintenance depending on experience. This is an important link between the production and the quality assurance.

  8. It is possible to access iQ-Basis directly during a INFOR AS session, e.g. by the purchaser for a detailed supplier assessment. The afore in INFOR AS selected data is automatically transfered to the particular iQ-Basis function.

  9. iQ-Basis is DP technically the only CAQ system with this high state of integration level and it is surely the only that is completely intranet compatible and corporate-capable.

  10. These customers use the advantages of iQ-Basis in connection with INFOR AS

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Still-Wagner (Linde-Konzern)


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