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Quality Data Entry with Paper Forms and Scanning

There doesn’t exist any other economical alternative to enter quality data than paper and scanning. Typical applications are inspection charts filled out by the machine operator or notifications of machine break downs with duration and cause for monitoring the machine availability.
Up to now paper forms were practised by using the classical OMR technique (optical mark reader). This kind of data entering has a lot of disadvantages and is mostly out of use.

The advantages of paper forms

Possibilities of designing forms

Scanning of forms

Data Entry with Scanners

Each field will be analysed exactly

Initially the forms may be filled out too hasty. Show your operators the result and he will write better next time.
After a short training period the most forms will be read without any interruption.
Some problems may rise from dirty places.

Example inspection chart

With these information and further like form no. etc. the form can be printed and copied.

Storing Q-data

inspection chart

Inspection chart reports

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