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Gauge Control

Calibration laboratories depend on comprehensive software assistance. An efficient way of inspection planning and an all attributes extensive processing of the hereby generated inspection assignment are the key-elements of our gauge control software iQ-PMUE. iQ-PMUE is supplemented by a direct connection to a variety of inspection devices, which ensures that measured values do not have to be transferred manually. If you choose to use our module iQ-PMS to establish a bidirectional Interface to a calibration service provider their measured original values can be recorded in iQ-PMUE and archived in an inspection assignment.


Gauge control is based on three pillars: inspection planning, inspection and usage decision. Inspection planning is carried out with the module iQ-PLAN, which can be specifically calibrated for the needs of gauge inspection planning. In this process a plan is generated which is then checked attribute by attribute. Upon accepting a gauge for term inspection it can be directly ramified into inspection. In this case an inspection assignment is created in the background which is immediately available for the execution of measuring tasks. The usage decision concludes the collection of measurands. It is also possible to generate the calibration certificate there or rather calculating the trend or even initiate a gauge complaint.

In order to utilize iQ-PMUE it is required to manage gauges with iQ-PMV.

Overview of important features and tables

Inspection planning


Inspection assignment organisation

The inspection


Interface to other modules

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