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Modularly designed software is based on the concept of storing and editing module-spanning data and functions at a central point. The module iQ-GRUNDLAGEN (iQ-GL) does exactly that. It is available to all users of the software, no matter which other modules have been installed.


iQ-GRUNDLAGEN is the central tool for managing your basic data. This module is divided in different categories and gives you access to a lot of tables that are used in other modules. Whenever you need a new base record somewhere in the programme, you store it once centrally. Afterwards you have access to it from every module.

The tables have been allocated on several tabs to give you quick access to the data. Tables that potentially contain a large amount of records do not only have masks for entering and editing data, but also overview and search masks, giving you convenient options to enter new records or to edit existing ones.

Important tables and functions

Material master

Product groups


Charge management

Bills of materials

Business partners

Drawings, texts, classes, structures



Standard texts

Structures (Trees)

Plant organisation, persons

Plant organisation


Test stations

Calendar, shifts



Installations, utilities and test equipment


Utilities and test equipment


Errors, malfunctions, actions and events


Material disposition codes and VE complaint codes


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