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AHP Services in the Environment of SAP

AHP Products and their Relationship to SAP Systems

Most of our customers use SAP products. Since 1983 AHP develops SAP programs. Over the years SAP technologies have continuously changed. It is our duty to keep pace with these permanent innovations.

However even more important than mastering an interface to SAP is the daily work with SAP products.

Experiences of AHP and developed products
1983 Materials management system on behalf of the company VEBA complementary to RM-MAT.
1984 Construction of a local PC client/server system for the input of product data and online connections of RM-MAT (SAP release 2.0). Interface technique: SAP uses the ODC (Online Data Communication) interface for the first time, AHP product PC host communication with LU 2.
1986 1986 and the following years; extensive SAP projects at Shell, BAT, Haereus and in other companies; integration of production control centres and BDE systems.
seit 1988 Development of a BDE/MDE system for Mannesmann Hoesch, Hamm. Interconnection to R2-PPS, later complete changeover to R3. All the time further extension of the integration of local systems with R3.
1990 Development and realisation of a motor documentation over several (computer) hierarchies for the company KHD. Use of R2 for the documentation; later changeover to R3.
1991 Changeover to R2/release 5.0; new communication techniques on the part of SAP:
  • download CPI/C with several SAP standard modules
  • upload RODC (Remote Online Data Communication) as the following system of ODC
  • the additional functions have been developed before by AHP for ODC.
    1992 Connection of iQ-Basis to RM/QSS (R2). The interface has been specified by SAP. SAP defined the KK5 interface (KK-x, interface to the production control centre for BDE, QDE etc.) for this purpose. It is not as efficient as the interfaces that have been defined by us. We realised the KK5 interface. Our certification by SAP (customer demand Endress & Hauser) did not happen any more because SAP replaced the KK5 interface with the IDI interface in the meantime.
    1993 Installation of iQ-Basis at Bosch-Junkers. Transfer of present inspection plans and inspection histories to RM-QSS.
    1994/95 Project for ITT-Automotive; Communication between R2 RM-MAT release 4.3 and R3 QM.
    1995 Preparation of IDI interface iQ-Basis/RM-QM.
    1996 Q-barrier system (fundamentals iQ-Basis) as an individual system for the company Knorr-Bremse between a Uniface-based program and R3. As an interface to R3 only the SAP standard RFC (Remote Function Call) is used. The requirements for a certification of the IDI interface are already met to the greatest possible extent and can be finished on demand.
    1997 Interconnection of our QMS with the QMS of R3.
    1998 Interconnection of iQ-WEP with R3-QM.
    1999 QM-Mobil for customer complaints, especially for AUTOMOTIVE.
    2000 Interconnection of iQ-Logistic with R3-MM (replacement part purchase).
    2001 First interconnection of iQ-PMV with R3-MM and R3-PM.
    2007 Bidirectional interface iQ-PLAN with R3-PP.

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