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Besides the short overview that we provide you on our web page there are comprehensive product descriptions. We will send you the complete documentation about our CAQ system iQ-Basis. Please send us an email or fill out the following form. You will receive the requested documents as soon as possible.

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Quality Planning
  iQ-APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning
iQ-FMEA Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
iQ-PPAP/PPF Production Part Approval Process
iQ-DOKU Documentation System
Quality Inspection
  iQ-PLAN Inspection Planning
iQ-CAD Interface CAD/CAQ Interface (Inspection in the Drawing)
iQ-PAUF Inspection Orders
iQ-EMP Initial Inspection
iQ-WEP Receiving Inspection
iQ-EWEP Event-Controlled Receiving Inspection
iQ-FEP Production Inspection
iQ-BELEG Quality Data Entry with Paper Forms and Scanning
iQ-QLEIT Quality Control Centre for Process Quality
iQ-LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
iQ-PLA Product Maintenance History File
Quality Steering
  iQ-Projekte Quality Projects
iQ-ECM Engineering Change Management
iQ-AUDIT Audit System
iQ-QBEW Supplier Assessment
iQ-QMS Quality Messages
Gauge and Tool Management
  iQ-PMV Gauge Management
iQ-PMUE Gauge Calibration
iQ-PMPL Gauge Calibration Plans
iQ-PMF Gauge Capability Analysis
iQ-PMS Gauge Services
iQ-PM-Beanst Gauge Complaints
iQ-PM-Mobil Gauge Mobile Inspection
iQ-WZM Tool Management
iQ-INST Maintenance
iQ-INSTZUST Condition-oriented Dynamisation for Maintenance
  iQ-INTERFACE Interfaces to ERP-Systems
iQ-MESSDAT Interface System for Automates
PORTAL iQ-Basis Portal
ERP Integration
SAP SAP: decentral AHP; Interface Description R/3 <-> iQ-Basis
INFOR CAQ Interface INFOR AS <-> iQ-Basis
iBaan CAQ Interface iBaan <-> iQ-Basis
Microsoft/Navision CAQ Interface Navision <-> iQ-Basis
In addition there are following documents:
TQM for Purchase Parts, Achieving the Zero-Defect Strategie
TQM in Services
No Filing (Quality Data Entry)
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