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Engineering Change Management

The business processes from the design of a new product to the series-production get more and more complex. Simultaneously the number of employees that are involved in the planning process, manufacturing organization, quality assurance and so on is increasing. The management of changes on the product or process gets more extensive. The module iQ-ECM represents the manifold and often not exactly defined buisness processes and all out of this resulting effects and measures.
The Engineering Change Management has a comprehensive responsibility. For example the following departments and sectors are involved:

  • Construction
  • Purchase
  • Gauge planning
  • FMEA preparation
  • Supply
  • Maintenance
  • Gauge management
  • and so on

General EC workflow
Typical ECs, that have to be processed by several departments:

Several meetings, measures, releases etc. are required until the change can be launched finally.

iQ-ECM in conjunction with iQ-Projekte is so flexible designed, that a great variety of company specific work flows can be represented.


Two phases are distinguished:

EC master file

The EC traverses several states:

Reasons for an EC may be:

An EC object may be:

In the mask 'measures' all so far initiated measures belonging to the current EC are listed. The measures are mainly generated during EC sessions. From here further measures can be created immediately.

List of other by the EC affected objects
An EC can refer to one part but affect several other objects. For example a screw with a slightly modified thread profile may have been used for several different mounting processes. By a where-used list in all object lists it is detected if the piece is also used for the assembling of other parts.
If there are changeovers necessary for also affected objects a time presetting will be made (planned/actual date).
The list of affected objects processed during EC sessions and corresponding measures will be generated.

Cost / benefit analysise

Editing an EC

EC session and protocols

During the session the EC are shown in a predetermined order.

Overview of all protocols and measures of earlier meetings, entering of the session result.


Editing an EC

Release and notice

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