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The iQ-Logistik module meets the demands of the material stockage. The module was needed for the stockage of spare parts in the maintenance area. The demands of this task go beyond the usual warehouse management systems. The functions for stock withdrawals were designed to be so comprehensible that untrained personnel do not have any problems with it. This is important e.g. for the corrective maintenance during the night shift when no logistic personnel is present.

According to this several strategies have been realised for the warehouse management:

Creation of a Storage

Each hierarchy level can be arranged in a different way and can almost be free defined in regard to the number of underlying structures. The identification of each hierarchy level by a name is supported programmatically.

Once the storage has been set up it can be extended or reorganized.

Material Availability

Order Requests, Orders Supplies

arrange storage

Order requests arise from the following situations:

It is possible to enter several information and controlling defaults:

After completion the order request is marked as to be approved.


When put into stock all materials are differed according to the revision state:

It is possible to choose from different storage strategies:

As decision guidance the dimensions of the storage case are shown.

Storage cases that are locked or intended for inventory are not shown for storage purposes.

Material Withdrawals and Stock Transfers

Material Reservations


Material Information

For the logistic system the material master data are extended. Following information can be entered for each material:

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