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AHP's focus is always on solutions for realizing saving potentials. However, it is rarely possible to reduce efforts from hours to a few minutes! But our CAD/CAQ-Interface accomplishes this objective anyway. The technical basis is the technical drawing created by CAD software. It contains all relevant quality data required for manufacturing the product such as measurements with tolerance specifications. A typical area of serial production is the initial sampling inspection. Here, every measurement is verified exactly.


The CAD/CAQ-Interface module supports every CAD system that can be used to produce a 2D IGES or a 2D DXF file. A drawing provided by the engineering department can be utilized in iQ-BASIS by simply opening the file in our inspection planning module for each kind of inspection. If tolerances are not contained in the drawing they could be determined automatically by selecting the corresponding technical standard. After the preparations have been finished the inspection plan is generated and contains one inspection characteristic for each measurement. The graphical representation of a measurement is done using a drop-shaped stamp with the number of the characteristic inside.

The initial sampling inspection makes the maximum use of this feature because it usually involves the largest number of inspections. By creating a total inspection plan the pre-settings for manufacturing can be addressed in one step, too. The possibility to print the drawing including the integrated stamps or to use the inspection plan in one of our inspection modules in combination with measuring devices or machines completes the bandwidth of options.

A change within a drawing would require a restart of the entire process. To overcome this we have invented a comparison mechanism that automatically displays differences between drawings graphically, prompts you to confirm them, and copies unchanged inspection characteristics into a new revision of the inspection plan that can then be used immediately.

Important Features at a Glance

The drawing as an information carrier

CAD based inspection planning


The drawing based inspection plan

Multiple different measuring devices / inspection plans

Inspection within a drawing

General features of the viewer

Interfaces to third-party software

For further processing of the inspection plan or inspection order data these can be exported to a third-party system in different formats:

Interface to Calypso (Zeiss)

iQ-CAD-Interface provides data from the inspection plan to Calypso using the DFQ format. Therefore it is available for developing a measuring program to control a coordinate measuring device. Required customizations of the interface between Calypso and iQ-BASIS to reflect improvements in both systems will be specified and integrated together by both companies to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Interfaces to Other iQ-BASIS Modules

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