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The relationship between customer and supplier is subject to constantly increasing quality and efficiency requirements, especially in the automotive sector. In order to keep up with this development, VDA and QS9000/ISO 16949 have defined the new processes "Production Process & Production Release Procedure (PPF)" and "Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)" as enhancements of the classical Initial Sample Inspection. These new processes clearly describe how the supplier has to be able to consistently prove the quality of its processes and products. The module iQ-PPAP/PPF meets the requirements of both procedures and efficiently supports any involved persons in fulfilling their duties against their customers as well as in tracing the PPAP's/PPF's to be presented by the suppliers.


iQ-PPAP/PPF supports the user in planning, execution and documentation of all actions linked to a PPAP/PPF. Demands are available as planning elements that have already been set up to define who has to carry out a PPAP/PPF according to which method and for which customer. The latter is done within the central part of iQ-PPAP/PPF, the test report. This is where general data about the method, the supplier and the customer, the relevant template, test reports, actions, documents etc. are maintained and administrated - supported by the software wherever it makes sense. After completion of the PPAP/PPF the supplier has a comprehensive compilation of all certificates and documents as required by the chosen method. With this compilation the standard-conforming quality of all processes and products can be proven to the customer. The most important methods are delivered as demand catalogues with the submission levels defined for them. The can be edited by the user as new report types.

When working with iQ-PPAP/PPF, the user benefits from a handy overview of the actually important methods, demands and reports. The user has direct access to every element and can carry out the necessary editing.

Overview of important functions

General use of the software

Report types/methods



Administration data


Test report

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Attachments (documents)

Customer/supplier decision

Interfaces to other modules

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