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iQ-Basis in the Intranet

The original information technology used for iQ-Basis was built on the client/server concept, but in a more sophisticated way compared with the products of our competitors.

iQ-Basis runs under most popular operating and database management systems (see General Concept of iQ-Basis). iQ-Basis can use several DBMS’s of different manufacturers at different locations simultaneously.
This is a fundamental prerequisite of a CAQ-System to be used enterprise-wide and over all hierarchical levels.

But AHP took the next step. iQ-Basis has been enhanced to operate completely browser-based in the Intranet. This is the most efficient technique for the future.

Technical Aspects

If ther is an Internet Browser installed on your PC, you can use all features of iQ-Basis without any restriction. The only thing that is needed is a software component called JTI Server (JTI = Java Thin Client Interface that is provided by the development environment Uniface used by us). The availability of the Internet Browser is sufficient to use the full scope of services of iQ-Basis.

Comparison between the old and the new technology

"Classical" Client   Intranet Client
Program execution of iQ-Basis on each computer (Unix, MS systems etc.); considerable expense for installation and support No additional expense
Internet browser is almost always available Installed internet browser
The iQ-Basis installation has to be supported on every site iQ-Basis is installed on a server. The need of support is minimized.
User interface is designed for the application. User interface is exactly the same, no WEB conditional implications, optimal display.
Used inside of a site with good performance (only LAN) No drawback on site-level.
Workflow is process-oriented Exactly the same
iQ-Basis can only be used on places where iQ-Basis is installed. iQ-Basis can be used on each PC with a browser (under consideration of user privileges)
New installations of iQ-Basis require further administrative measures of the IT staff Work can be started immediately
If a new operating system has to be installed iQ-Basis has to be installed, too. Not applicable
If a new operating system has to be installed iQ-Basis has to be installed, too. Not applicable

This list of advantages with iQ-Basis in the intranet could be continued.

The Uniface Architecture

iQ-Basis in the Intranet

The figure shows the single Uniface servers. The application server can host programs that run independently from any user dialogue, e.g.:

Advantage: If the DB is on the same server the data to be evaluated does not have to be sent over the LAN.

The Poly Server permits simultaneous access to different database management systems on distributed computers. This means:

The Component Server is used for programs that haven’t been developed with Uniface.

The JTI Server is the mediator between all described servers and the intranet users. All working places with the classical fat client remain unaffected.

Essential Advantages of the Intranet for a Global Management

The process of globalisation is also of importance for the enterprise-wide concentration of all management data in the quality assurance process.

Every single employee gains an increase mobility. He only needs an standard computer with access to the company intranet and a web browser to become access to his quality data stored locally.

Technical changes of the underlying network technology don’t touch any activities. The network load is reduced, because the JTI Server only sends the changes of the screen output.

The quality management can react quickly when outsourcing production lines. All documents of master data (FMEA, Control plans, inspection plans etc.) become available immediately.

Your customers (complaints, PPAP with all existent data in the DP system, 8D reports, measured value etc.) and suppliers (PPAP, 8D-reports etc.) can get information about their parts.

Foreign CAQ-Systems can be simply enabled to send their quality data to the module iQ-GQI (see product description) over the Intranet.