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The Mailing System

The internal and external communication of a company of today relies heavily on a technique called electronic mail (or email). The CAQ software iQ-BASIS makes use of this technology by providing the module iT-MAIL.


Email communication is based on the availability of an email server and corresponding clients that stay in contact with that server, send messages to it, and receive messages from it. Popular mail servers are Microsoft Exchange Server and Notes Server (IBM), whereas the client-side is taken by Microsoft Outlook or Notes.

With respect to a CAQ software the focus is clearly on the sending of messages - for example when automatically sending notifications as a result of an overdue action - while there is no requirement for the software to receive them (as a "real" email client needs to). To enable the sending of emails iT-MAIL has to support one of several possible protocols, and the decision was made to support the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that is understood by almost any type of server.

The module iT-MAIL is fully integrated into iQ-BASIS and not available as standalone module. It has to be used whenever either the user or the system needs to send an email to a recipient inside or outside of the company.

Important Features at a Glance


Usage in iQ-BASIS

Special features

Motivation for an integrated mail system

Interfaces to Other iQ-BASIS Modules

The module iT-MAIL has not any interfaces to other modules but is fully integrated into the iQ-BASIS application. You are able to send emails at any place and any time.