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Initial Sampling Inspection

The initial sampling inspection takes place prior to the serial production and goes along with it, e. g., when part specifications, processes, procedures etc. are changed at the supplier. The iQ-EMP component can be used for the classical process. Additionally, it is a key part of the iQ-BASIS "Purchasing" package.


As any other inspection oriented module, iQ-EMP is based on an inspection plan that has been previously created in iQ-PLAN. For an especially efficient creation, AHP offers the highly economic solution of automatically generating the inspection plan from a 2D CAD drawing (see also iQ-CAD-Interface).

For performing the actual inspection, it is required to previously generate an inspection order. This step can be done manually or automatically triggered from the ERP system.

The inspector has access to different views allowing an optimized usage of the inspection environment for the upcoming inspection task. Interfaces to measuring devices and machines ensure a highly economical process. The usage decision that can also be made per characteristic is the last step before printing the initial sampling report (ISR) that can be tailored based on customer templates.

The results of the initial sampling inspection are evaluated and illustrated in the context of the supplier assessment module iQ-LIEFBEW together with results from the goods receipt inspections, repeated inspections and supplier complaints.

iQ-EMP meets the VDA requirements, especially with respect to the simultaneous sampling of purchasers and suppliers. It is even possible to involve the suppliers in the measuring process of the initial sampling inspections by providing them with the very simple iQ-EMP/AUTARK module that can be used to download measuring tasks from the CAQ PORTAL.

Important Features at a Glance

Order generation

An initial sampling inspection order can be generated manually or using an interface to the ERP system in the background. In any case, the following data is required:


The default features for all the inspection oriented modules are described in the iQ-PAUF product sheet.

Repeated initial sampling

Additional data for the initial sampling inspection report

Any required fields for printing the VDA form such as

Usage decision

iQ-EMP as integrated module in the iQ-BASIS package "Purchasing"


Report documents

Interfaces to Other Modules