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The Initial Inspection

The initial inspection takes place before the first serial inspection. It will be continuously repeated if specificationes, processes etc. are changed and influence the product. The module iQ-EMP fulfils the classical requirements (VDA). Beyond this factor iQ-EMP is very important for a comprehensive TQM-concept.

For iQ-EMP the modules for inspection planning iQ-PLAN and inspection order management iQ-PAUF are required. These moduls are also described in a flyer.

The results of initial inspections are represented together with other inspection data and quality messages (e.g. complaints concerning the supplier) and are taken into consideration for the evaluation of the supplier’s quality score. They are presented by the module iQ-liEFBEW. The use decisions on initial inspections can be reviewed by this module.

iQ-EMP meets the VDA requirements, especially with respect to the function which allows to enter the customer and the supplier measurements simultaneously.

Inspection planning Supplements to iQ-PLAN

Process variable values (EMP)

Generating Inspection orders

Inspection Order Controlling

All inspections for supplier/part


Entering Additional Data for Initial Report

Initial Inspection

Use Decision

iQ-EMP as Integral Part of our TQM-Concept for Suppliers