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Interface system for automates

In a modern production line, quality data will be generated by various kinds of automatic inspections. More und more zero defect requirements of the customers determine 100% control, which can only be fulfilled for series by automates.

But also mass of Q-data can be generated by systems likes coordinate measuring equipment, spectral analysis, SPC places etc...

iQ-MESSDAT is capable, to receive all these Q-data and handles them in various ways.

Basic functions

Data processing and storing is handled by use of the inspection order structures. There is no difference between the handling of Q-data, which have been entered via directly connected tools or via iQ-MESSDAT; e.g.

Data communication

The different forms if data transfer are shown in the table:


Handling of stored Q-data

Kinds of Q-data

Q-data are stored additionally in two further tables which are not part of the tables of the inspections order. The first table (table with measured values) consists of the mostly used data. The second table (appendix table) consists of data, that are normally not part of measurings produced by automates

Table with measured values

Appendix table

Data discriminator

discriminator measure data (foreign systems) to iQ-Basis

If you make 100% inspections for several characters, a mass of data will be produced. Normally some of these characters are under control, which means that the measures are not as important as those of critical processes In this case the interest is nor to high and the data shouldn’t saved totally, only sampling is representative enough. iQ-MESSDAT has a discriminator, which allows the suppression of uninteresting data. The targets of importance can be influenced while data transferring

Die Voreinstellungen zu den einzelnen Merkmalen können während des laufenden Betriebes situationsbedingt geändert werden.

Archiving Q-data

The table-structures of iQ-MESSDAT are also used for archiving Q-data from normal inspections orders