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Gauge Complaints

Quality assurance highly depends on correctly calibrated gauges. Products are identified as standard conform or defective as a result of measurements. Regular calibrations should ensure that malfunction gauges are detected and withdrawn in time. However, it happens that defects on a gauge - and as a consequence wrong measurements - take place within the current calibration interval. Here, affected gauges will not be detected before they are subject to their next routine check. Wrong measurements resulting from this as well as concerned products can hardly been understood by the calibration lab staff.


After the calibration process the person who has done the measurement must formulate a statement about the further usage of the gauge. This exactly is where the iQ-PM-BEANST module comes into play. In case of a bad calibration result the last user of the gauge is asked for a comment. If it turns out that the defective gauge has not been used to measure a product-critical characteristic then this complaint will only be used for documentation.

However, if measurements have been performed that directly influence product quality it will be necessary to do some sorting or reworking. And possibly it will even be required to start some product callback activities.

This decision can only be made by the corresponding production area.

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