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Gauge Services

The main purpose of the iQ-PMS (gauge services) module is to manage placing and performing of calibration task at calibration service providers. The software distinguishes corporate from external service providers and enables both partners to use iQ-BASIS for gauge management. However, it is also supported that one of the parties uses a software program of another vendor.


If the customer is the user of iQ-PMV, when taking back a gauge this is booked on a new or an existing service order. Finally, the completed service order is written to a file and then delivered to the calibration service provider including the required shipping documents. The service provider should be able to import the file into the local software and use the received data for calibration. The calibration results are then written back into another file that can be imported into iQ-PMV on the customer's side. During the import process all gauges that have been tested as okay are automatically booked while for any other gauge there has to be an explicit manual use decision.

If the calibration service provider is the user of iQ-PMV (and also uses the integrated iT-OBJEKTE tool), any customer with access to iQ-PMV will only be able to view the own data. When receiving gauges for calibration from a customer these are booked on a new service order (if possible, by importing an existing interface file). The calibration is done using iQ-PMÜ.

Important Features at a Glance

Service order

Using the module as customer

Using the module as a service provider

File formats

Interfaces to other modules