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The Audit System

TQM requires tremendous abilities of the employees in the own company and at the supplier. By performing internal and external audits it is ensured that quality standards are met and processes improved. In general audits are based on standardized questionnaires (for example of the VDA) but they could also be built on individual profiles. Weaknesses found during an audit imply actions and in some cases also re-auditing. An audit is always finished with the creation of an audit report. The module iQ-Audit aims to fulfil all important requirements in the audit context efficiently.


Basically iQ-Audit is built around the following objects:

Questionnaires represent the requirements of the various quality standards and of your company. They can be used within your audits by selecting them from a questionnaire collection.

Demands are a means for doing the audit planning. They contain data like the unit to be audited, the period of time for the performance of the audit, and the involved persons, and can be used directly as basis for the upcoming audits.

The centre stage of your work - of course - take the audits themselves. The comprise the actual questionnaire, all important basic data, a means for comfortably entering the results, flexible calculation schemes, and the entry point for the creation of (corrective) actions that are to be mapped to the found weaknesses.

All actions can be monitored and triggered to escalation for an arbitrary number of escalation levels provided that the module iQ-Projekte is installed additionally. Furthermore it is possible to let the actions be defined externally and then to import all actions automatically into the system - if desired even with an automatic monitoring.

For presentation issues the software provides a set of reports/evaluations from the simple output of the standard audit report according to VDA 6, Part 3 to a complex evaluation comparing audit result with respect to questionnaire and time frames.

Important Features at a Glance


Master data

Audit planning

Audit performance

Actions (in conjunction with iQ-Projekte)

Reports / evaluations (some examples)

Interfaces to Other iQ-Basis Modules