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Quality Messages

Collecting problem-related data is an important part of quality assurance. Only by registering and analyzing these problems repetitions and main issues can be detected to derive product and process improvements. Learning from problems has a significant impact on the FMEA and the associated knowledge base.


The main purpose of the quality messages system iQ-QMS is to record any anomalies or problems in production or at the customer caused by the supplier or the own production, to assign them to the causing process, and to ensure process improvements by selective actions that can be monitored using the system automatically. Also, it is possible to initiate immediate actions.

The complete correspondence on-site, with the customer or with the supplier is processed automatically using emails, if applicable. Repetition problems are assigned to a common causing process (also known as quality procedure or QVO) by applying an appropriate algorithm. Costs as a critical decision criterion for required containment actions are stored for each reclamation, whereas the actions are not related to a single reclamation but to the quality procedure.

Problems of the suppliers are stored in the incoming goods history and are considered in the supplier assessment system. The customer view of the own supplier quality can be determined quickly.

The entire process is always completed by conducting an efficiency check.

Important Features at a Glance

Typical quality problems

Customer reclamation

Data stored in the reclamation position

Customer information

Internal messages

The only difference between customer reclamations and internal messages is that internal messages are detected within the own plant or site. Identifying the causing process is independent from the location of detection. The method (e. g. 8D report) can be applied internally, too.

Repetition problems, and the quality procedure

A quality message describes a single case. Any messages that result from the same causing process refer to the same quality procedure.

Typical reasons for repetition problems/failures in serial production are:

Special meaning of repetition problems

A QVO is assigned to repetition problems by:

Use decision

Supplier reclamations

Quality control

Initiation and tracking of actions is done using the full features of iQ-PROJEKTE.

Costs of failures


QMS history

Reports and evaluations

The user can create user-defined reports.

Interfaces to Other Modules