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Quality Planning

The Module iQ-QVP/APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) completely meets the requirements of the QS9000 standard. Methods that were developed for use in the automotive industry have been extended by us to enable their efficient use in any other productive industry, too.

When it came to developing the module the main objectives were efficiently creating an APQP, a clear quality management during its conduction, and a centralized management of any corresponding documents.


According to the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) manual the APQP process consists of the following phases:

The process is implemented and presented using functionality of the module iQ-PROJEKTE. Here, the phases mentioned above as well as possible sub-phases can be splitted into a number of sub-projects. The central action management is used to ensure planned activities are processed as they should.

Furthermore the iQ-QVP/APQP module meets any requirement regarding the maintenance of a control plan within an APQP. This control plan can be created based on existing parts lists, working plans, or a FMEA, and itself can be used for inspection planning when automatically generating inspection plans.

So, iQ-QVP/APQP provides quality management with a complete tool that additionally benefits from the integrated usage of any iQ-Basis master data.

Important Features at a Glance

APQP as a project

Interfaces to Other iQ-Basis Modules