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As a method for preventively avoiding failures the FMEA is an important tool for quality planning. Conducting a FMEA requires a consequent structuring of dependencies that are often very complex. The iQ-FMEA software module helps to keep track of these dependencies and reuse knowledge once acquired. The product is aimed to product and process FMEA as well.


The software support provided by iQ-FMEA begins with a presentation of the system that is to be analyzed and its splitting into components. After describing the functions of the components the functions of the overall system can be described as a hierarchical structure of the single functions. The next step comprises the specification of possible failures for each function and afterwards the analyzation of the hierarchical dependencies between the failures. Based on an assessment of the effects and root causes of the failures it is then possible to perform a risk analysis to detect the critical parts of the system. Alternatively a failure tree analysis can be conducted to determine the reliability of the overall system. By applying dedicated actions the weak parts are improved until the required reliability of the overall system is reached.

Important Features at a Glance

Fields of application

Integration in iQ-Basis

Editing and representation of the system's structure

Creation of a function and failure structure

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