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Inspection Planning

Inspection planning has a fundamental meaning for any preventive tests and inspections from laboratory experiments to incoming goods inspections. Using the iQ-PLAN module it is possible to collect any relevant information. By specifying the inspection task (type of inspection order) only the required presetting and control parameters are prompted.

The creation of inspection plans becomes even much easier if inspection characteristics are automatically taken from CAD drawings (see iQ-CAD-Interface).


An inspection plan can be created in different ways. The classical approach is to use the structure as it is provided by iQ-PLAN. If the iQ-APQP module is available and has already been used to define a control plan then this plan can be used to derive an inspection plan from it. Changes in the control plan can be transferred to the derived inspection plan. As already mentioned another option is to use iQ-CAQ-Interface to automatically create an inspection plan from a two-dimensional CAD drawing. Changes in the drawing can then directly be used to create a new revision using the drawing comparison tool. After the inspection plan has been finished it will undergo a plausibility check and then be released. If this check results in failures that are not inspection relevant then a warning will be displayed whereas inspection relevant failures will prevent the release.

Important Features at a Glance

Unified inspection planning

for each type of quality inspections