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Decentral iQ-Basis

Basic Considerations about the Extensive Use of R/3

Industrial competetivness depends on several key factors. One of these is the organisational structure of a company. The branch-wide usage of SAP R/3 sets organisational standards in respect of information technology that have to be met and if possible exceeded. Therefore it is necessary to find ways for organisational improvements that give a competetive edge over competitors.

Advantages of AHP

  • Realisation of the Know How

    AHP stands in close relation to the customer. For this reason two important factors are achieved: On the one hand the demands of the customers can be considered and taken over in the standard. On the other hand the implementation of these demanded features leads to a wide spectrum of functions that make iQ-Basis one of the leading products in the CAQ system market.

  • Short-term Availability of Solutions

    The experiences from customer dialogues and projects are usually available in our standard in one of the next releases (six to eight months). If customer demands are urgent and the database structure in the current version has not to be changed these demands can be developed sooner.

  • Concentration on CAQ

    The focus of the iQ-Basis development is on quality assurance. Thereby business parts are inevitably less distinctive. The advantages of the concentration on one target extensively overweigh the integrated and top-heavy solutions that are available for quality departments.

  • Consulting, Support, Development

    Every employee of AHP is responsible for:
    Consulting; in doing so he gets to know the needs of the customers
    Support; thereby the needs for improvements become visible
    Development; The focus of development is on economic principals. Efficiency in daily use is ranked first.

  • Cross-section Experiences

    iQ-Basis is used with several PPS systems. So we constantly face new situations and solutions and can provide the positive experiences in the environment of these systems to the SAP users. Mainly for this reason our customers gain an advantage to these competitors who only use R/3-QM.

  • The Development Platform

    Since 1994 AHP develops its software using one of the most sophisticated development platforms called Uniface. Uniface allows the development of graphical high-level software that operates independently of operating and database management systems. Also development using Uniface is much more efficient than other techniques (e.g. ABAP's) - according to our experiences up to three times.