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Event controlled Receiving inspection

The component iQ-EWEP has been developed as a complement and alternative to the classical receiving inspection that is inefficient, ineffective and only partially practical for regular dealings between supplier and customer. Weak points of classical services become outdated with iQ-EWEP:

Die ereignisgesteuerte Wareneingangsprüfung wird am wirksamsten in Verbindung mit dem Qualitätsmeldesystem iQ-QMS und der Komponente für Qualitätsprojekte eingesetzt (vergl. TQM für Zukaufteile).

The event controlled receiving inspection is used most effective in connection with the high-quality alarm system iQ-QMS and the component for high-quality projects (see TQM for to purchase part).iQ-EWEP is used for qualified suppliers, high volumes and parts from mastered processes, for parts with higher error rates, new part and new suppliers, a more extensive inspection must perhaps sometimes be accepted with iQ-WEP temporarily.

Inspection planning

Ship to stock contracts

The periodic inspection

The preconditions are always meant for one parts no. of one supplier.

When using event controlled inspection it is assumed that a great number of deliveries is accepted untested. For this reason, there is a control that refers to the deliveries:

The following inspection preconditions for further events are built up similarly

Charge change

new drawing change

Temporary inspection

Processing inspection exception

Building deviation/testing exception

Event control

Various information can force an inspection for the next delivery of a part of a supplier.

In different modules can or must put on an event to a part of a supplier.

For the inspection while acting event control, there are the following preconditions

Control of inspection order

A result of conditions is tested with every delivery.

Supplies concatenation

As long as a decision of an older existing goods received is yet to come, every new test job is put into a queue. If the predecessor use decision is functional, testing renun-ciation can be allowed.

Primary model inspection order and post-test jobs are fully integrated into this control.

The inspection

The inspection occurs in same form as that for an inspection order of the component iQ-WEP. The same applies to the use decision and the history entry.

Post-test job

The post-test job is required, e.g. if in manufacturing problems at one to purchase part were recognized and then the stocks have to be inspected.

For the post-test job applies

Interface iQ-EWEP - iQ-QMS

The QMS-System is a strong component of high-quality problems for the recording, analysis and elimination, there-fore also for the complaints with purchase part combined those are not found in the course of a receiving inspection but from own fabrication or which are found only during the analysis of a customers complaint.

In iQ-QMS , the defect can be analysed and described precisely. An event can be arranged to the high-quality announcement.
The error analysis of the high-quality announcement is announced for the tester at the time of the inspection of the next goods received urgently to be tested.

The combination of iQ-EWEP and iQ-QMS makes it possible to handle the dialogue with the supplier not only by the classical complaint approach but by using the much more cooperative 8D report.