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Production Inspection

The module iQ-FEP (Fertigungsprüfung) covers all kinds of production exclusive mounting inspection

iQ-FEP uses other relevant iQ-Basis-Moduls.

Inspection Planning

The general functions are described in the flyer of the modul iQ-PLAN. Special enhancements of the inspection planning are listed below.

Generating Inspection Orders

Process variables values for part to be inspected

Inspection orders can be triggered by a PPS system or manually.
Following forms of organisation apply

Inspection Order

All functions described in the modul iQ-PAUF are still available, further functions concerning production inspection have been added, the following are important

Use decision

Messen mit Vielstellen-Meßgerät

Analogous to the receiving inspections production inspections can be documented not only by the inspection order but also by a comprehensive use decesion. All decisions are combined with the quality history of a material for each character.

Distinctions between receiving and production decisions

The decision covers

The use decisions are displayed in extensive surveys.
The intensity with which this technique is to be applied is preconditioned in the master data of part’s.


There are several evaluations concerning the production inspection. Therefore a complete description is impossible.
The most important features of qs-STAT are listed below: